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 Singer . Actor . Director . Writer . Speaker . Emcee

When I was a little girl, my family and I would watch Lawrence Welk and Mitch Miller on TV and I remember turning to my mother and saying, “I was born too late, I’m supposed to be singing with those bands.” Well, wishes do come true! I am so honored to be singing with the Stardust Memories Big Band again in Naples FL this season. Catch one of my public shows in Cambier or Riverside Parks!

Lisa Arundale singing in Naples FL


Lisa currently can be seen performing in Naples, FL with two 17 piece Big Bands, sitting in with Jebry’s band, Churches, dinner parties and country clubs.  She sings jazz standards with crystal clear vocals and both a “girl next door” and “sultry lady” persona.  Having performed everything from blue grass to opera and classically trained, she brings a wide variety of vocal styles and variation to her music.


Lisa Umberger Arundale was born and raised in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia. Her first professional performance was at age 13 with the Senior Citizens Band -- the next youngest performer was 78 years young! 

During college, Lisa composed and performed campaign songs for the Virginia Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General and two members of the US Congress. 

She was also honored to perform an original song for US President Gerald R. Ford. Through the years her audiences have included Elizabeth Taylor, Robert Guillaume (Phantom of the Opera) & Clint Eastwood.  She opened twice for Wayne Dyer (once in the Van Wezel) and worked extensively with Mary Mannin Morrissey on her national retreats. She has performed for audiences of 6 to 6000. Lisa’s performances have taken her across the US several times, Canada, the Philippines and she sang with over 300 school children in Kenya, Africa on a Habitat for Humanity trip.  She performed "Ave Maria" in a Monastic chapel in Rome and at the coliseum in ancient Ephesus, Turkey where & Cleopatra & Mark Antony were entertained and Saint John gave his sermon in biblical times.



Lisa was a Training Specialist at America West Airlines and several other companies. She then developed and taught classes on Professioinal Speaking and Personal Development. She has trained thousands of corporate executives, managers and trainers in management skills, customer service, and specialized in the Essential Elements of Effective Instruction college accredited where she taught over 3000 instructors for the Boeing Co. Lisa was founder and CEO of the EnterTrainment Co and worked extensively with King Co EMS, the National Safety Council in WA and Alaska, Paragon cable in the Washington/Oregon area and local Community Colleges. As Vice President of Larry Wilson & Associates, she trained for Riddell, Simmons Mattress, Art Van Furniture, Mattress Firm, & many Fortune 500 companies. Lisa now holds small workshops dealing with women’s issues, surviving the loss of a spouse and other life transitions. 



Lisa has edited plays, books, speeches and educational workbooks for her own companies and nationally known speakers. Lisa was published in a compilation book of women’s stories called: Women on Fire, II.  Lisa’s story shares experiences and inspirations from her first year of grief from the loss of her beloved husband, Dwight. Written with raw emotion and unguarded honesty, “Leaning into Grief”,  is a beautiful story for anyone who has suffered the loss of a loved one. Contact Lisa to purchase the book, Women on Fire, II for $15. View Lisa on as she talks about the loss of her beloved husband.


Lisa has written & directed 3 original musical shows all performed in theaters.  Her latest show “Walking the Fields of War” about America’s Civil War is recommended for performance in school systems across the US by the Gettysburg Trust and touted as being one of the most creative and educational shows out there today.  “Walking the Fields of War” is available for licensing through this website. Contact Lisa for more information.

LET US NEVER FORGET -- The Life Stories Project

Lisa's most recent project is one she has dreamed of doing for many years.  "Let Us Never Forget" honors the everyday women and men who have remarkable stories to tell of people they have met, experiences they have had or circumstances they have overcome. A labor of love, Lisa casually interviews people while taping the sessions in order for everyone's stories to live on forever.  The product is given to the Story Teller to pass on to her/his family in order to continue a legacy. Contact Lisa if you have stories  you want to pass down to future generations.

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