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My favorite Haircut ever!

Updated: Jul 30, 2018

I don't know about you, but ever since I was old enough to decide how I wanted to wear my hair -- it has been a thermometer of sorts for how I felt. If I felt confident, I would have it cut short or pull it back behind my ears away from my face. If I was feeling self-conscious and less ready to go out and meet the world, I would style it forward toward my face and sometimes grow it longer.

I'm not big on jumping into things -- I'm more of the "stick-my-toe-into-the-water" type. So in my 20s when my hair dresser in Phoenix, AZ suggested I put in some highlights -- I had her do VERY subtle ones that no one could hardly see. I liked them, so I thought I would do it again. But my regular hair dresser was out of town, so she referred me to someone else. I didn't know boo about hairdressers, so I thought she would do the same thing. Ha! When the foils came off, instead of my light to medium shade of brown hair with a few subtle "sun streaks" -- it was BLONDE!!!! And I do mean screaming, blinding, BLONDE!!!

I was in shock. Speechless. No idea what to say. So I paid her and walked out into the world not recognizing myself when I saw my reflection. Forget styling it forward! I wished I could cover my face completely with it, I was so uneasy!!!!

The next day at work, everybody LOVED it! OMG! You would have thought I was the new girl in town! So I decided that blonde was the new me. After all, I was a complete toe-head when I was a little girl -- So, perhaps I was just revisiting my younger years with this new look.

This photo is of my all-time Favorite hair cut taken years later, but with my beloved blonde hair still in tact. I was in Paris, France and decided to splurge on a makeover. The amazingly talented woman cut and styled hair all over the world for modeling companies, so I gave her carte blanche. 6 years later, I have yet to find someone to duplicate what she did...

Hey, I'm going back to Paris soon, maybe she's still there! I'll let you know...

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