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A Blog?? Seriously??

So somehow you found me! Good for you! From time to time I'll post stories I've written, things I've learned or just stuff -- simply because, as Helen Keller once said, "Life is either a Grand Adventure or Nothing at all! My stories will be true unless I note that or otherwise..

Oh! Here comes one now! (True story from my mischievous youth.)

The Tomb

Speaking of Helen Keller... when I was a teenager, I won a 4-H trip to Washington DC. It was great fun and my first of many times to that amazing city. We toured so many wonderful places and I made friends with this really sweet guy and we started hanging out together during the trip. We went on a tour of the Washington National Cathedral one day that included a visit to the underground catacombs where lots of noteworthy people are interred.

We got tired of following the group, so we ditched them and sat on a nearby bench. We were laughing and cracking jokes and having a great time when we realized we were sitting underneath a huge empty square space that went way back into the huge cement walls -- obviously someone's tomb. Underneath the enormous hole in the wall was a sign that read, "Helen Keller." Now, remember, we were teenagers and were young and stupid -- so, naturally, we began a littany of Helen Keller jokes... (Sorry Helen -- you're actually one of my biggest heroes).

Then... just as we had finished what we considered to be a particularly hilarious joke, there came a huge blast of cold air from out of that huge tomb, right at us. My long hair blew staight back and his hair stood straight up and we looked at each other with eyes bulging in disbelief -- and without even a gulp -- we caught up with the group in a heartbeat and blended in so that anything else that might come out of that tomb was certain to miss us in the crowd!

Needless to say, we refrained from telling any more jokes in the Cathedral.

This is me at about the age I would have been in the Catacombs!!
Oh yes! Teen Lisa.

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